Market Leading Rates – clickable, sortable, filterable.

Get incredible new levels of access to interest-rate-based investment options with YieldHub. This dynamic-rates platform brings exclusive specials and other limited opportunities together into one interactive online hub. Maximise yields and boost your interest income with ease.
YieldHub provides real choice with rates from more than 80 banks filterable by credit rating, fossil fuel status, term or bank. A two-click process is all it takes to express an interest in one of the opportunities.


A platform that allows you to see a complete overview of your investment portfolio.

Our intuitive dashboards unlock tools allowing you to measure performance, monitor your cash flow and streamline policy compliance in real time.

Improve your workflow efficiency and elevate your performance by generating comprehensive reports, or simply export your data.

We want to save you time and give you control over your investment portfolio.

Your auditor will love it too.

  • Analyse performance with ease

  • View dynamic dashboards

  • Monitor your investment cash flow

  • Capture your entire interest rate portfolio

  • Generate comprehensive reports

  • Manage Authorisation and Permissions

  • Confirm policy compliance

  • Simplify your audit