White Papers BY THE CURVE TEAM –

We understand that Fixed Income is a broad and complex sector.

As experts in this space, we’ve created a series of whitepapers to help you better understand the fixed income space and the current economic climate.

Our most recent white papers are available for download with our compliments.

Bonds: An introduction

  • Understanding the global bond market, which is bigger than the global share market and worth circa USD100 trillion dollars
  • Why to invest in bonds
  • The different types of bonds, from capital indexed to hybrids
  • Assessing risk v return
  • Understanding credit ratings and the determination of risk
  • How to buy and sell bonds

Australian Interest Rates: An introduction to why they matter

  • Understanding interest rates and how they are determined
  • Why the RBA recently cut the cash rate and what it means for investors
  • The spread between BBSW & IOS
  • Other measures policy makers may explore to stimulate the economy
  • Tips for investing in a low and deteriorating interest rate environment
  • Market opportunities in fixed income instruments

The Power of Laddering: Lifting yield in a low interest rate environment

  • Maximising yield, even when interest rates are static or falling
  • Diversifying the range of credit instruments in which the business invests
  • Broadening the range of financial institutions in which the business invests
  • Diversifying credit risk
  • Diversifying durations