Dealing with Curve Securities provides our clients
with a whole range of benefits – and there’s no fee.

  • Streamlined Process

    Ability to participate in ‘private placements’ that Curve negotiates.

  • Highly experienced Dealers

    Access to an experienced, financial market professional that is able to discuss the yield curve, interest rate expectations and the economy to ensure you make a well-informed decision. Our team collectively has over 150 years of experience.

  • REgular updates

    Stay informed of regulatory and product changes that can impact your investment options.

  • Fixed Interest Portfolio Valuation

    Receive a monthly portfolio valuation reports on your holdings of fixed interest securities. This service is offered free on all securities dealt through Curve Securities.

  • Private Placements

    Ability to participate in ‘private placements’ that Curve negotiates.

  • Access Fixed Bonds & FRNs from the market

    Ability to receive superior fixed interest securities pricing through our ability to scour the market for the best prices.

  • Special market rates

    Access to deposit ‘specials’ when our partner banking institutions are looking for ‘top up’ funding.

  • Fast response

    Immediate, emailed deal confirmation – get on with the rest of your busy day.

Curve Securities is a fixed income
intermediary established to service the interest rate investment
needs of a diverse group of clients.

Our aim is to facilitate a streamlined investment process that provides access to a wide range of short and long term investment options across a broad spectrum of fixed income products through one, efficient and friendly contact point.

Options we are able to offer our clients include deposits with over 80 banking institutions, money market and fixed interest securities and private placements. Our clients range from government entities, institutional fund managers, banking institutions themselves and other middle market investors, to third parties such as advisers and accountants. All benefit from our unique, close relationships with our ‘partner’ banks and the specials and private placements our experienced staff are able to generate.

Curve Securities was established in 2009 and has grown to turnover $1 billion in interest rate products monthly with a current book of over $7 billion just in deposits and has placed over $80 billion since inception. All Curve Securities staff are experienced financial markets professionals. Previous employers include CBA, NAB, Newcastle Permanent Building Society and Centric Wealth.

There are no fees for working with Curve, so why not contact us to have a look at our rates?

Our service offering includes:

  • Wholesale term deposits and cash
  • Interest rate securities
  • Bonds
  • Streamlined account set-up process
  • Access to Yieldhub (our online investment platform that aggregates fixed income product rates)
  • Access to the Curve Portfolio Manager (our online investment portfolio platform)
  • Efficient deal execution – confirmation within minutes
  • One contact point for a wide range of financial institutions and products



– Meet the team –

With over 100 years of collective financial markets experience, Curve Securities brings together a highly experience team with a desire to help. Help our partner banks find funds, help our investing clients to simplify their investment process and maximise their yields and help each other with the sourcing of deals and opportunities. Read more detailed Bios here.

Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

David Flanagan

David Flanagan

Director - Interest Rate Markets
Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan

Director – Institutional Markets

Jason Marsham

Director Operations

Joe Youssef

Senior Manager Business Development

Joshua Stewart

Client Services Officer

All of our foundation clients still deal with us today.

2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Nominations

 Our focus on technology and our team culture are some of the reasons why we were nominated as finalists in the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Optus Business Awards for Workplace of the Year, Finance Business of the Year and Fintech Business of the Year.

Our Company History

Since forming in the midst of the GFC in 2009, Curve Securities has grown at a rapid rate.

We have grown to facilitate $7 billion of funds currently on deposit. We have placed over $80 billion worth of funds, negotiated thousands deals on behalf of our clients and assisted a wide range of banking institutions with bespoke funding arrangements.

Curve Securities was a start up business whose sole ambition was to blend financial markets expertise and a high performance technology platform to revolutionise investing in term deposits and fixed income securities.

Our philosophy is that building strong relationships can only occur with integrity and mutual respect. Every client that Curve Securities signed up in 2009 is still in contact with us today. That’s because our clients know that we are looking after their interests and their interest.

2014 Award Winner

Curve Securities came 63rd in the 2014 BRW Fast100.

2013 & 2014 Award Winners

 Our tailored cloud based platform has not only driven us into a market leading position but was noted as a key component for our recognition as a 2013 (18th) and 2014 (39th) recipient of the Smart50 Company Award.

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