Daily Commentary BY THE CURVE TEAM –

Updates Ahead

12th of April, 2021

Key updates will be released this week.

Last month was epitomised by optimism, with many data releases surprising on the upside and reflecting a strong recovery. This month has sustained the positivity without being quite as exuberant.

More releases are ahead this week, with employment for March of most interest, which is released on Thursday. This is the final month of employment data before JobKeeper ends so will indicate how strong the labour market was before the scheme ended.

Also, consumer confidence for April is released on Wednesday. Business confidence and conditions for March are released on Tuesday.

With all these variables, relativity will remain important. The economic recovery has certain economic indicators firing so at some stage they will normalise to more sustainable levels.

This process will mean there may be falls in certain indicators, but if they are falling from lofty levels then it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Curve also releases our monthly economic insights piece for April tomorrow.

Josh Stewart

Associate - Money Markets