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Curve’s understanding of liquidity management and banking operations continues to assist a growing number of Religious Groups and Educational institutions who are faced with the challenge of managing their funding inflows with scheduled outflows.

Curve Securities staff’s diversified background in Treasury Operations and banking experience is also drawn upon to assist in the understanding of the current and potential changes in the regulatory environment.

It is the efficiency of Curve’s service offering, coupled with our extensive banking relationships and access to rates, which has been of most value to clients in this sector as they look to distribute funding allocations across a wide range of tenors to match outflows in the most efficient and effective manner.


Curve was approached by one of our Religious sector clients, who had a very narrowly focused investment portfolio, to assist them with diversification to reduce their counterparty risk and to increase their overall return on investment.

The small finance team meant that the client did not have the resources to be able to perform an adequate review of potential investment opportunities each day, nor constantly call around numerous institutions to chase up their latest rates.

Through a consultative process, Curve helped the client to research and assess a range of potential new investment opportunities, which has resulted in a four-fold increase in the client’s level of diversification. At the same time the process has enabled them to pick off the best rates available on any given day lifting the overall level of return on the portfolio.

Curve also helped to reduce liquidity risk and improve the efficiency of their investment process through creating a ‘ladder’ of maturity dates. The process has freed up scarce resources to focus on other areas of their operations.

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“The time saving is difficult to quantify but service is always efficient, much easier to deal with Curve than my experience with other Brokers.”

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“Regular communication including phone calls, daily market commentary and specials is critical and done well by Curve. The ease of doing transactions save time and allows me to focus on other priorities.”

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“The service received by Curve Securities is always professional and helpful. Curve Securities is our preferred broker when it comes to find funds for cash-flow purposes.”

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