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Curve Securities has extended its personalised service to third party advisers and accountants to enable their clients to access superior investment opportunities and a streamlined investment process.

Our TD Gateway service provides a simple conduit to access cash accounts, term deposits and fixed interest securities from a range of sources.


One time-challenged adviser we spoke to was looking for better service and a more streamlined process so he could focus on what he should be doing – advising his clients on more complex asset classes.

The solution we have provided him for his High Net Wealth clients has enabled him to transfer much of the paperwork laden process over to us. Not only have we identified the best opportunities for his clients but our web based forms and automated processes have saved him what he estimates is 60 minutes per deal!

This is what he had to say:

“Curve has been a great help in improving the efficiencies with how we manage off platform term deposits. Their service is very personal and clients know they are receiving a competitive rate.”


Minutes saved per deal

our clients say:

Curve Securities provides a prompt service and simplifies our process by giving us the information we need to make investment decisions. As investing is not a large part of our business this saves us a lot of time and effort chasing rates.

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We have used Curve Securities for many years and very happy with how easy it is to maintain our investment portfolio. Curve provide almost instanteous response to new and maturing investments making the daily review of cash flows very proficient and time saving.”

Local Government
Local Government

“We were Curve Securities first customer in 2009, and still a good customer in 2014. We have been more than pleased with the service that Curve Securities has provided us.”

Local Government

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