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Curve Securities deals with a wide range of not-for-profit institutions. In fact, given government bodies, credit unions and religious groups are generally not-for-profit, 90% of our clients belong in this category. Other entities we assist include charities, unions, clubs, land councils, arts bodies and associations.

We understand the challenge this sector faces with their limited access to human capital to carry out the wide array of tasks that fill the day – Curve’s CEO Andrew Murray in fact worked for two years in the executive of a major not-for-profits arts body. Curve’s service is ideal in this situation where the streamlined investment process can access superior yields efficiently saving what our clients estimate to be between 30 to 60 minutes per deal.


A large, Australian based charity, was referred to Curve Securities by one of their ex-employees. Their operational capability meant they were only dealing with the majors while their investment policy actually allowed them to invest with a wider range of good quality banking institutions. As a result they hadn’t been capturing the extra return and ‘specials’ being offered by some of these other institutions.

Curve assisted them to look at other counterparties to deposit with in order to improve their returns.

Due to our intimate knowledge of the opportunities on offer we were able to introduce them to six new counterparties offering competitive rates. This enabled them to move funds from two majors to the six institutions to increase their returns and reduce their risk through diversification. The number of institutions funds were placed with increased from 4 to 8.

Two of the investments were placed when two different banks called Curve Securities looking for top-up funding at short notice and offered an interest rate above the level they were showing the rest of the market.

The third investment was placed through a particular channel within a known banking institution in a product they didn’t even know existed and the others through standard rate sheet rates.

They now have $18m on deposit with these institutions earning 30-40 basis points higher than they were previously.

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“The service received by Curve Securities is always professional and helpful. Curve Securities is our preferred broker when it comes to find funds for cash-flow purposes.”

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