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Daily Insights – Confidence Holds Up

13th of October, 2021

Consumer Confidence Holds Up

  • The index ticked down to 104.6 from 106.2.
  • Only 6% of those surveyed intend not to get vaccinated, which is down from 20% at the start of the year.
  • Of the small share that do not plan on being vaccinated confidence is 84.8.
  • A similar experience occurred in France, where vaccine contingent rules drove vaccine hesitancy down.

US Inflation

  • Inflation rose 0.4% over September, leaving it 5.4% on an annual basis.
  • Core inflation remains high, at 0.2% for September and 4% annually.
  • These levels are similar to when the US economy re opened, fuelling speculation that inflation is more persistent than transitory.
  • Treasury yields initially rose, only to decline back to the levels prior to the release.

Josh Stewart

Associate - Money Markets