Understanding Custodial Services

Fixed Income is an essential element of any balanced investment portfolio. Fixed income provides a regular income stream through interest payments, can produce higher yields than other investment products, and is considered a generally safer investment than equities.

Bonds can be bought from the ASX market or Over the Counter Market. When you buy bonds, ASIC requires you to hold them in custody by a licensed custodian until maturity or until you sell them. Curve Securities supports your direct investment in fixed income by providing custodial services where we hold bonds in custody on behalf of our clients (the beneficial owner). Our role is to hold, safeguard, manage and administer assets. These assets are held and managed in accordance with a custody agreement and regulatory and legal obligations.

Advantages of using Curve as your custodian:

  • Secure Assets
  • Timely Access to Funds
  • Transaction Settlements
  • Management of Coupon Collection & Maturity Payments
  • Documentation & Regular Reporting
  • Time Saving
  • Outsourced Administration (including contract notes)
  • Electronic Record of Beneficial Ownership
  • Only Act on Properly Authorised Instructions