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Every company, whether public or private, has it’s own demands, requirements, and restrictions. At the heart though is the need to manage cash flow and for surplus funds to be working hard with a minimum of fuss. This leaves staff to concentrate on doing whatever it is that the company does. Curve’s personalised ‘valet’ service is able to adapt and assist to make this happen.


As well as assisting with the streamlining of investments Curve also helps it’s clients look at alternative banking institutions and products that can secure an increase in interest income with only a minimal increase in risk.

For instance, one company we deal with had an investment policy that was restrictive, stipulating a limited number of banking institutions they could place funds with. This was inhibiting them from exploiting higher yielding opportunities available from other good quality banking institutions.

Curve supplied information such as credit rating reports and financial information on a number of other A rated banks that our contact could incorporate into a proposal that went to the board. Their proposal was successful providing the company with the flexibility to move funds to take advantage of ‘specials’ the new banks were offering from time to time.

The average margin over the previous bank’s rates that this client earned eventually grew to some 25 basis points. On a $50,000,000 investment portfolio this resulted in an additional $125,000 in interest income per annum.

our clients say:

“Curve Securities offers a very high level of professional service. They are an excellent reference point to answer key questions on the phone or via regular face to face meetings.  The staff at Curve are always happy to talk us through every available option and explain any new products or services that are available in the market.”


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“The time saving is difficult to quantify but service is always efficient, much easier to deal with Curve than my experience with other Brokers.”

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“Regular communication including phone calls, daily market commentary and specials is critical and done well by Curve. The ease of doing transactions save time and allows me to focus on other priorities.”

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“The service received by Curve Securities is always professional and helpful. Curve Securities is our preferred broker when it comes to find funds for cash-flow purposes.”

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