Daily Commentary BY THE CURVE TEAM –

Consumer Sentiment Perks Up

14th of September, 2021

Consumer Sentiment Perks Up

  • The weekly consumer sentiment survey saw a 3% increase.
  • Family finances compared to a year ago and for the year ahead both edged higher.
  • Economic expectations for the next 12 months jumped while the 5 year outlook drifted lower.

TCorp Issue

  • Following the APRA announcement last week TCorp has strong support for their 2026 and 2028 FRN issue yesterday.
  • They printed $1.25bln in 2026 at +10 after $2.56bln of bids and printed 2.75bln in 2028 at +19 after $4.84bln of bids

Bank FRNs

  • Bank FRN spreads continue to trade wider after APRA’s announcement last week with plenty of stock on offer at present.

David Flanagan

Head of Money Markets