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  • Government

    Curve’s streamlined services assist local, state and federal entities to reduce costs and increase yields when placing their surplus funds in fixed income investments.

  • Banking Institutions

    As a significant participant in the HQLA and non HQLA market, Curve is able to provide it’s Bank, Foreign Bank Branch, Building Society and Credit Union clients with a smorgasbord of options.

  • Institutional Funds

    With the onset of a Basel III inspired regulatory clampdown Curve is well placed to assist our fund clients to explore new opportunities to maximise their yields.

  • Religious & Education

    Having a clear understanding of this sector’s fund flows have enabled Curve to maximise yields and bring new efficiencies to the placement of these funds.

  • Not For Profit

    Maximise yields with limited resources is the mantra here. Utilising Curve’s tailored and streamlined processes to scour the market for the best opportunities has made this possible.

  • Corporate

    Companies, whether private or public, want to concentrate on their core activities. Curve finds safe, high yielding homes for surplus funds with a minimum of fuss to let this happen.

  • Planners & HNW

    Keeping track of the rates different banking institutions are offering and dealing with their paperwork can be a pain. Our systems, including our ‘TD Gateway,’ take this pain away.

  • New Clients

    Become a client of Curve Securities and see why our funds on deposit have grown rapidly to over $7 billion with close to 500 fixed income transactions a month.

Streamline your investment process so that you can
chase the highest yields without effort.

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What others say about us


“The time saving is difficult to quantify but service is always efficient, it is much easier to deal with Curve rather than other Brokers I’ve dealt with in the past.”

Banking Institution

“Regular communication including phone calls, daily market commentary and specials is critical and done well by Curve. The ease of doing transactions save time and allows me to focus on other priorities.”

Banking Institution
Credit Union

“The service received by Curve Securities is always professional and helpful. Curve Securities is our preferred broker when it comes to find funds for cash-flow purposes.”

Credit Union