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The diverse range of investment instruments available, coupled with the ever-expanding list of prudential requirements being thrust upon the sector, has resulted in a growing number of financial institutions utilising Curve’s specialist capabilities to assist in their day-to-day liquidity operations.

Curve has tailored its service to assist a wide range of clients, including small to large credit unions, building societies, banks and large financial institutions. In particular, our ability to assist these entities fulfill their investment obligations, be it through accessing a greater range of High Quality Liquid Assets (HQLA) such as fixed income securities or sourcing non-HQLA investment options has been invaluable to these clients.

Curve has also assisted a growing number of banking institutions in raising tailored wholesale funding to complement their current funding mix as well as being instrumental in the launch of a number of NCD programs. 


One of our clients, an Australian authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI), found the increasing regulatory burdens and management of their high quality liquid assets book overwhelming. They found the process of finding institutions that were able to take funds and sourcing investment rates from them, time consuming and inefficient.  They didn’t have the resources available to look after the task and didn’t have the budget to employ more people.

This client engaged Curve to identify investment opportunities. With the utilisation of both Curve’s rate sheet and our extensive and active relationships with our partner banking institutions, the client was able to more efficiently fulfill their investment requirements without having to dedicate excessive resources. Curve’s systems were also able to take care of paperwork, such as application forms, leaving treasury staff to concentrate on core activities.

In the last eighteen months we have taken their investment portfolio from two counterparties to sixteen in total (two direct and fourteen through Curve Securities) and we now assist them with 75% of their whole portfolio.

The relationship was deepened when Curve assisted the client with the launch of their wholesale funding program, via the issuance of NCD’s (Negotiable Certificates of Deposit).

NCD Turnover

Banking Institution

Regular communication including phone calls, daily market commentary and specials is critical and done well by Curve.  The ease of doing transactions saves time and allows me to focus on other priorities.”

Banking Institution

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“The service received by Curve Securities is always professional and helpful. Curve Securities is our preferred broker when it comes to find funds for cash-flow purposes.”

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Credit Union

“If you are looking for a broker Curve is the place to go! You will never be let down and always kept in the loop as to what is happening with your investment portfolio and the industry environment.”

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