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Daily Insights – Oil Backlash

Tuesday 24th November, 2021

Oil Backlash

  • Last night Biden implemented the strategic release of oil reserves to halt increasing prices.
  • Oil clung to gains as the release was less than expected
  • Biden’s release is in unison with China, Japan, India, South Korea and the UK.
  • Brent has risen from $79.24 to $82.29 in response.

Spreads Continue the Narrative

  • The recent market dislocation has presented returns in longer dated bonds as swaps continue to push higher
  • Returns for tenor are still available and present a true opportunity within the current market.
  • The Credit Curve (Pictured) is further evidence of the narrative.

RBNZ – Hike Imminent, But to What Degree?

  • RBNZ  meet at 12.00 today
  • A hike is inevitable, but the real question is: will the hike be 25 or 50 basis points?
  • The hike is in response to continual house price increases and inflationary pressure.

Nicholas Allan

Associate - Money Markets