Couldn’t I get a better rate dealing direct?

In many cases the rate you will receive will be the same whether you deal through Curve or direct. In some cases the Curve rate will be slightly lower, in others slightly higher. What makes our service highly valued though are the ‘specials’ that banking institutions offer us when they’re looking for funds. This is due to the $billions in funds we have on deposit and our loyal client network. These are specials investors wouldn’t ordinarily hear about. In ALL cases however, our clients make valuable cost savings through the efficiencies we bring to the process of placing surplus funds in deposits.

How many institutions does Curve facilitate deposits for?

Curve sources deposit opportunities for its clients from over 50 banking institutions. These include major banks, regional and second tier banks, mutual banks, building societies, credit unions, and foreign branch banks. All are what are known as ‘Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions’ (ADIs). Curve also arranges deposits for some government guaranteed institutions and other wholesale entities.

What deposit terms do Curve’s partner banking institutions deal in?

We secure deposits ranging from overnight cash to 5 years. Longer deposit terms can be sourced on request.

Can we choose what date a Term Deposit matures on to match cash flow requirements?

Yes, in most cases you can still get the rate for the closest standard term to the maturity date you select. Curve recognises that you may wish to set a maturity date (or a day of the week) to match cash flow needs and we facilitate that.

Does the government guarantee deposits?

The Financial Claims Scheme guarantees up to $250,000 deposited per entity per ADI.

Will current regulatory changes impact deposits?

There are a great many changes being currently introduced due to Basel III reforms. Each bank is dealing with the changes in it’s own way. Different investing entities will be impacted in different ways. Curve’s experienced team is on hand at all times to discuss how these changes are impacting our clients.

Do clients need to deal exclusively through Curve?

No. We respect that clients have existing relationships with some institutions that are working well and we never want to get in the way of those. There are many ways in which we can help though and we discuss these with each client.

Will we get notified / reminded when a deposit or security approaches maturity?

Yes. We notify all our clients as an investment approaches it’s maturity date. We are then available to discuss your re-investment options or simply arrange for the funds to be returned.

Can Curve provide holdings or activity reports?

Yes, our systems are very flexible and malleable so we can provide whatever information you need whenever you need it.

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