LG Finance Conference – 20-22 May 2015

LG Finance is the peak finance professionals conference in the state and an event which is eagerly anticipated by those in the industry. This conference will provide an opportunity for staff from over 150 New South Wales councils to increase their knowledge, skills and understanding of the issues confronting local government finance professionals today. It will also provide a range of vital networking opportunities, one of the key outcomes of the conference.

The conference objectives include:

  • Developing the skills of finance professionals in the local government sector
  • Developing and sharing best practice and capability building between councils
  • Building, promoting and fostering professional networking between finance professionals
  • Raising awareness of the tools available to help their councils in their short and long term planning processes and operations
  • Identifying and discussing trends in the local government sector
  • Encouraging local government finance professionals to participate in sector-wide initiatives

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