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LG Finance Presentation

Curve Securities were pleased to be invited to present at the recent Local Government Finance Professionals conference in the Hunter Valley. Here is a copy of the Prezi presentation. We will be publishing white papers relating to the presentation contents soon. We will also present again via a webinar soon. For those interested in participating […]

Curve Daily Commentary, May 22, 2015

Fixed Interest Revaluation – Will it narrow or blow out in the last week of May? The markets are bracing for a potential 5% loss in fixed interest valuations this month given the significant sell off we have seen on long bonds across most leading economies. It will be interesting to view the price movements […]

Curve Daily Commentary, April 9, 2015

No Power in Inflation US Federal Reserve policy makers were split over whether or not they would raise their interest rates by June. Several members of the FOMC judged the US economic outlook to warrant a normalisation of the yield curve in their June meeting. Others, however, saw the decreased prices in energy markets and […]

Curve Daily Commentary, Apr 2, 2015

Covering Liquidity In January this year Basel 3 was rolled out requiring banks to estimate their net cash outflows over a 30 day period under stressed conditions, called the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR). It was basically a cover measure put in place to analyse the impact of another GFC, loss of market liquidity or run […]

Curve Daily Commentary, Apr 1, 2015

Confidence On the Up End of month and end of quarter finished on a risk adverse note. Equities finished lower as did government bond futures. The largest of the deposit taking banks finished awash with liquidity and rates were lower to show for this. Normal practices of “window dressing” banking books with more deposits going […]

Curve Daily Commentary, March 31, 2015

How Far We’ve Come Given that US Fed Chair Janet Yellen has stated that any upwards move in US interest rates will be data driven, it is no surprise that markets moved overnight as US data was better than expected. Personal spending rose where it had previously declined, home sales jumped after a steady decline […]